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Extended note about Cookie

Extended note about Cookie

According to article n.13 of Personal Data Protection Code


Cookie are short text lines that visited websites send to the user’s browser. The browser stores specific information about user surfing and transmits them back to websites during subsequent visits. Third parts’ cookie are set by external websites, because of the presence of elements that are located on servers, different from the one of the visited websites. Cookie are different according to the purpose of application.

Technical cookie

Technical cookie are used to ‘effectuate the transmission of a communication on an electronical communication net, or …..’ (ref. art.122, comma 1 of the Code). Tasks performed by technical cookie are strictly necessary for the use of websites containing them. The approval from the visiting user is not required for the installation of these cookie, but the website manager must report it according to art.13 of the Code.

Analytics cookie

Analytics cookie control the website correct operation and perform statistical analysis, collecting information anonymously. Analytics cookie are distributed only by third parts.

Profiling cookie

Profiling cookie trace user surfing and create a profile starting from his choices and search habitudes. In such a way, the user can receive advertising messages personalized and consistent with his preferences showed during web surfing. The user must be informed of the presence of profiling cookie and he must approve their use before they can be installed.

Third parts websites in Zetapunto.it

Third parts websites, presents on Zetapunto.it, are not covered by this note. Zetapunto.it declines every responsibility on them and refers to the respective websites for cookie categories used and personal data processing:

  • Google Analitycs http://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/privacy/
  • YouTube https://www.youtube.com/static?template=privacy_guideline

Giving consent on Zetapunto.it

By closing the banner, scrolling the webpage, clicking on a link or proceeding navigation in other ways, the used gives consent to cookie use.

Using cookie through browser configuration

User can manage preferences on cookie within his browser. In such a way user can prevent third parts installing their cookie and he can also delete previously installed cookie. For more information on cookie management through browsers, user may refer to the followings:

·       http://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=it

·       http://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Attivare%20e%20disattivare%20i%20cookie

·       http://support.apple.com/kb/PH19214?locale=it_IT" target=

·       http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/block-enable-or-allow-cookies

·       http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.00/it/cookies.html

More information

For more information, please refer to Zetapunto.it Privacy Policy

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